"We LOVE our clients & work closely with them to create a fabulous & HONEST online presence.  A passion for Fashion, Art, Architecture & Design at large INSPIRE our big ideas..." 

Monique Jelley - Owner, Saltwater Social Media 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a marathon - not a sprint & requires careful planning, knowledge & flexibility.

We CREATE & MANAGE Facebook Business Pages, Twitter, Youtube, Linked In, Houzz, Pinterest & Instagram accounts for your business.  

After establishing your business style & audience, we publish weekly content on your behalf, responding to comments & posts.  We can generate 'likes' & organize Facebook advertising if required.  Importantly, we create a UNIFIED ONLINE PRESENCE, so that all social media accounts reflect your website. 

Let's face it - social media is time consuming for small businesses.  Be assured that we have the TRUST of creative luxury businesses locally to represent them online.  

Our solid REPUTATION ensures we work consistently via referral.


Business Blogging

Are you ready to tell the STORY of your business online?  

We help clients CONNECT and build loyalty and authenticity...  A powerful & effective way to achieve this & market your business is via a BUSINESS BLOG, shared on your Facebook Business Page & emailed to your database as a NEWSLETTER.

Generating new & updated information on a BLOG drives traffic to your website via search engines (they love new stuff & will reward you for it) & social media.  

Researching and image sourcing is our thing & we are highly experienced in writing online copy & creative blogs for luxury businesses. 

Imagine the possibilities...  

Be INSPIRING, be RELEVANT & get your business out there.



Websites & Copywriting

Do you need a simple, clean modern website for your business?

Our platform of choice is web based software, SQUARESPACE design.  Trusted by the world's best, Michael Kors, Sony & Target - Squarespace offer inspirational, editable & easy to maintain templates.  

When required, we partner with professionals who specialize in video production, web design, graphic design & photography.  

We can write ONLINE COPY for your website, from biographies to mission statements and everything in between!

Should you already have a web designer, we offer a CONTENT MANAGEMENT SERVICE, driving site design to perfectly execute your business vision.  We manage day-to-day amendments & and allow you the time to simply get on with what you do best.